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G7 is a trusted and experienced expert in the implementation and support of ERP business systems. We have been working with Unit4 Agresso and Lawson since 2001 and now have over 35 Senior Consultants and Project Managers working alongside our 12 dedicated, office based, support personnel on our Application Managed Service desk.

What makes G7 different is the flexibility of our service. Tried and tested, flexible and friendly, G7 helps make business work.


G7 Roadshows Session Notes Mar 2017 pdf 315.63 KB
G7 Roadshows Agenda Mar 2017 pdf 244.45 KB
Case Studies
University of Bath Case Study Jul 2015 pdf 169.38 KB
G7 Application Managed Service - Case Studies 3 Apr 2017 pdf 192.47 KB
Office of National Statistics Case Study Jul 2015 pdf 161.82 KB
Places for People Case Study Jan 2016 pdf 164.09 KB
GO Shared Services Case Study Apr 2016 pdf 256.16 KB
RAC Case Study Apr 2016 pdf 271.68 KB
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Testimonials from Agresso clients Mar 2016 pdf 248.97 KB
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G7 Application Managed Service Case Studies 1 Mar 2016 pdf 151.26 KB
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Don't Train Your Staff! Jul 2015 pdf 633.06 KB
AMS Customers Mar 2017 pdf 389.88 KB
G7 Upgrade Packages Jan 2016 pdf 1.86 MB
Why choose G7? Feb 2016 pdf 1.84 MB
Skills for Change May 2016 pdf 1.7 MB
End User Adoption and Training Services Jul 2015 pdf 588.76 KB
Sample Reports
Application Managed Service - Sample Monthly Summary Report Jul 2015 pdf 179.36 KB
White Papers
Agresso Hints and Tips - Workflow Sync Steps Jul 2016 pdf 182.02 KB
Hints & Tips - Missing GRN task receipted outside of task Jun 2016 pdf 149.81 KB
Things to consider when planning for an ERP upgrade Aug 2015 pdf 184.45 KB