End User Training and Adoption

It is critical that each of our clients is fully trained in the functions, processes and facilities that can enable them to fulfil their goals. At G7, we want to help ensure early user adoption, and build strong foundations in your organisation's knowedge and understanding.

User training is very different to Project Team Training, and includes the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’. 

Effective End User Training will provide:

  • A detailed understanding of the systems potential
  • Faster, more efficient Unit4 ERP implementations and upgrades
  • On-going, realised return on the software investment through understanding and confidence
  • Faster user adaption to new releases
  • Learning product aligned to business and user needs
  • Quicker reaction to changes in the business practices
  • Sustainable education programs, adoption across the business
  • Ownership of the on-going learning process
  • Reduced likelihood of sub systems being developed around the business

The G7 training provision needs to be creative, engaging, and dynamic and meet the needs of the client. To ensure this, users will learn not only via a traditional classroom environment but also through the use of more imaginative techniques in a blended learning environment.

Our innovative training techniques include:

  • Unit4 ERP Movies – via LMS, YouTube or Vimeo
  • User Conferences  
  • Lync and Skype sessions with desktop sharing and walk through for smaller expert audiences
  • Delegates Training Workbook
  • Delegates Training Exercise Book
  • Flash cards
  • Flow diagrams
  • e-learning Materials
  • WebEx Recording (If WebEx was used as a delivery method)
  • User guides

Each form of training material would be tailored to the different learning styles and roles of an organisation.  All materials would be designed to be as near to the real life system as possible.  

What if you already have an in-house training team?

You may have in-house training resources but designing and delivering training for company-wide users of a new Unit4 ERP business system requires a very specific skill set, and also means committing high levels of resource around the time when the system goes live.

What about train the trainer approach?

This is a great way to ensure the knowledge stays in house but often the work required is under estimated. User focused training involves the preparation and administration, development of materials, delivery, feedback and management, at a time when the project team are most stretched – normally during the last round of User Acceptance Testing and then preparing for go live.

G7 are proud to be working with specialist training provider Optimum 


If you would like to discuss End User Training and Adoption, please contact one of our training advisors