Unique Blended Upgrade Approach

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As a tried and trusted provider of Unit4 ERP and Lawson products, G7 is in an ideal position to support your business before, during and following its upgrade process.

Many of our Agresso consultants are former members of the Unit4 team or from Unit4 ERP customer sites, and so have considerable expertise in current and legacy versions of Unit4 ERP. Our Lawson consultants have been working with the product for many years.

Upgrade Packages

G7 offer the unique combination of the G7 Application Managed Service and on site consultancy.

It can be difficult to judge how much help you require with testing and re configuring an upgrade until the database has been converted. G7 offer upgrade packages that consist of on-site consultancy and the G7 Application Managed Service (AMS), a more effective and efficient way of handling your upgrade.

The first task would be for the G7 Project Manager to attend site for a planning meeting. In the meantime, the Customer can be logging a support request with Unit4 for the updated software.

The first set of work is then the physical upgrade of the database. For this we use our partner QuickThink Cloud (QTC). G7 have a flow through partnership agreement with QuickThink Cloud; we have linked call systems and as with our AMS team, all of QuickThink Cloud are ex Unit4 support so we are very used to working with each other.

Following this, G7 consultancy would attend site and run a system audit and differences workshop; highlighting to the Customer the changes that will need to be made to the system following the upgrade. Discussions can also be had regarding any additional functionality the Customer may want to add.

Following the test upgrade and workshop, the Customer can then test and re configure the upgrade themselves and use the G7 Application Managed (AMS) for any issues that may arise. The AMS is based around consultancy style help, delivered in a support style service. This means you don’t have to save up all your queries for a days on site consultancy, you can call the helpdesk when the issue arises.  You are also not reliant on one Consultant having all the skills necessary to answer your queries; you have access to a team of UK based support personnel, 8 dedicated to the Unit4 ERP product. With the G7 AMS you pay for the hours you use and use it when you want to. You can take this service as a continuing support service or just during the upgrade; it is your choice.

Other customers require help with design and carrying out any additional build required. For this, G7 have a large team of Consultants and Project Managers, who would work on site, alongside the G7 Application Managed Service.

On occasions, and if appropriate, remote build can be carried out by the G7 Application Managed Service team.  

G7 has many years’ experience in scoping requirements and delivering these types of projects. In particular, G7 can help you navigate common upgrade challenges:

  • Hidden bespoke. G7 can visit the site prior to the upgrade, and carry out a health check of your current set up. This will highlight any ‘bespoke’ areas that either need to be taken across during the upgrade or re-engineered using new functionality in the product.
  • Unit4 ERP AG16s. Many Unit4 ERP implementations have AG16s as part of the set-up. Under the G7 Application Managed Service, G7 can support these and carry out any changes required due to the upgrades. AG16s are not supported within your Unit4 support contract but can be placed on support with G7.
  • Review of/close unused Workflow processes
  • Testing transactions in Workflow at point of cutover through to end of process
  • Testing new transactions end-to-end
  • Review of new functionality and scope to incorporate in upgrade, particularly where functionality is being phased out
  • Review of existing business processes and scope to include improvements as part of upgrade
  • Comprehensive cutover plan identifying responsibilities and deadlines for each activity


Finding in-house resource for an upgrade is not always easy. G7 would always recommend having at least one full-time equivalent to work on the upgrade, but can offer testing assistance via Unit4 ERP Consultancy Services or through the Application Managed Service.

The Application Managed Service desk can also offer backfill resource whilst your most knowledgeable and experienced staff work on the upgrade.


If you have any questions about how G7 helps companies through the upgrade process, or would like to find out more about or other skills and services, please contact us.

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