Our Team

G7 has a team of highly qualified and experienced Support Consultants, Application Consultants and Project Managers, covering both the application and technical side of the Unit4 ERP and Lawson products.  We are proud to say that every one of our staff has joined the team by way of a personal recommendation and endorsement. In short, they're the best in the business!

Unlike some partners, G7 offers the complete implementation service, from 1 provider, through design, build, testing and go live on to application and technical support. Many of the consultants are at a senior level and can act as work stream or implementation leads. There is a good mix of skills with the consultants coming from either client side or Unit4. G7 work in implementation teams, moving the teams from one site to the next after project closure. This ensures the G7 team working for you have a close working relationship, which can only add to the benefit they can provide to you on site.

Unit4 ERP (formerly Unit4 Business World or Agresso)

Yvonne Harris
Sarah Tankielun
Lindy Armiger
Mark Plummer
James Major
Adam Steenkamp
Alan Kinsella
Brian Jones
Jeremy Harrold
John Hughes
Paul Nelson
Shanta Reddy
Neil Mason
Rob Cocklin
Andy Panter
Faiza Ghazi
Ian Townson
Phil Parker

Project Managers

Our Project Managers have managed some of the larger Unit4 ERP projects and are respected within the implementation teams and within the client sites. Certifications include PRINCE II, APMP and APMQ. Names include Brian Jones, Neil Mason, Mark Thorn and Dominic Walsh.

Application Consultants

Our team of Unit4 ERP experienced consultants come from a mixture of client side and Unit4. Their skill level enables them to lead a project, run business design workshops, as well as assist with the build and testing. Our consultants work within the following areas:

Financials, Logistics, Data Migrations and Interfaces: James Major, Lindy Armiger, Rob Cocklin, Jeremy Harrold, Mark Plummer, Neil Mason, Faiza Ghazi, Phil Parker, Yvonne Harris, Andy Panter, Alan Kinsella, Paul Nelson

Fixed Assets: Ian Townson, Mark Plummer, Neil Mason, Yvonne Harris, Faiza Ghazi

Project / Research: Adam Steenkamp, Rob Cocklin, Ian Townson, Neil Mason, Jeremy Harrold

HR and Payroll: Sarah Tankielun, Shanta Reddy, Faiza Ghazi, Paul Nelson

Income Manager: Through an exclusive partnership agreement with Blue Planet

Application Managed Service Team

Louisa Lewis
Dominic Walsh
Paul Tippet
Steve Carruthers
Kim Hodson
Kate Voisey
Dave Bryne
Irfan Ahmed

Our Application Managed Service team consists of 8 dedicated Unit4 ERP support personnel based in our new Portishead offices, the majority being ex Unit4 support desk and 1 from another partner and before that, Unit4 ERP customer sites. As with the application consultants, they cover the full range of Unit4 ERP modules including tools.

Dominic Walsh is the Support Director, with the dedicated Unit4 ERP team being Louisa Lewis, Kate Voisey, Steve Carruthers, Paul Tippet, Irfan Ahmed, Kim Hodson and Juliette Sollars who runs our project support office.  Dave Bryne then covers both Unit4 ERP and Lawson. This team have access to our strong team of application consultants if required (and visa versa).

Matthew Greening is then our dedicated internal technical resource.

Juliette Sollars
Matthew Greening


Mark Thorn
Shelley Guy
Dominic Walsh
Dave Haskins
Dave Bryne

The Lawson team includes Shelley Guy, David Byrne and Dave Haskins. Between them, they cover the full range of Lawson software, including Financials, Asset Management, Procurement, Inventory, HR, Payroll, Workflow, Strategic Ledger, Tax, Billing, Billing Revenue and Employee Expenses. The team delivers Lawson consultancy, as well as running the Lawson support desk. Two of the Directors, Mark Thorn and Dominic Walsh, Project Manage the Lawson customers.


The technical team includes David Byrne, Andy Panter and Dave Haskins. They draw on a wide range of specialist and generic skills, including Business Objects, V1, Oracle DBA, SQL Server DBA, .NET, COBOL, UNIX, SQL and Python.

This team have carried out complex data migrations for clients such as Markel and Northgate, as well as bespoke software development, best practices and application training, disaster recovery and business continuity projects.

We can also provide Technical Managed Service and Hosting through our partner QuickThink Cloud.


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