• G7 Upgrade Packages

    It can be difficult to judge how much help you require with testing and re configuring an upgrade until the database has been converted.

    G7 offer upgrade packages that consist of on-site consultancy and the G7 Application Managed Service, a more effective and efficient way of handling your upgrade.

  • Application Managed Service for Unit4 Business World

    Run by dedicated support people, 8 of which are ex Unit4.

    Covering business as usual calls from your users, ‘How do I do this’ queries, workarounds, alternative to onsite consultancy during an upgrade, support of Unit4 consultancy written areas (e.g. AG16s, HESA, SRI) and remote build.

    Let G7 take the pressure off your internal team.

  • Working with the University of Bath

    "We were keen to receive the same level of service to support our use of Unit 4 Business World, as we had for Lawson, and signed a support contract with G7”

    "We were very impressed with the depth of knowledge of the consultants we have worked with"

  • Working with Best Western Hotels

    “Best Western have broken records with the low number of days used for the upgrade, due to the seamless, combined services of technical, consultancy and the Application Managed Service. We were able to call the G7 support team and get answers quickly. The Application Managed Service team would liaise with the G7 consultants on the ground and QuickThink Cloud if required”

    “A great little offering”

    “QuickThink Cloud provided an excellent service, often answering technical queries that were outside the scope of what they were delivering”



  • Working with GO Shared Services

     “It’s all about value for money, and in our opinion we get that from G7.  They are a professional and friendly company to work with and have excellent values, people and flexibility of services offered”

Covering Financials, Logistics, Project, Research, Income Manager, Fixed Assets, HR, Payroll, Data Migrations and Interfaces across Education, Commercial, Public Sector, Retail and Not-for-Profit