Skills for Change

The effects on a company following the implementation of an Unit4 ERP system - and other significant structural shifts - can be deep and complex. Many change management consultancies offer very effective business process reengineering and many training companies offer very effective training for the end users. So why does the change not always work?

You can have the right people, in the right place geographically, yet if they are not in the right place in their minds, it will not work. This could be a result of a number of reasons including ‘out of their safety/comfort zone’, entering the ‘unknown’, a lack of soft skills in dealing with change or a ‘block’ following past experiences.

G7 can help your team recognise, accept and handle the cycle we all go through emotionally, when affected by change. To move forward with focus and passion, G7 can help your people understand that embracing change can work for them. They just need to be equipped with coping mechanisms to allow them to do so.

At G7, our approach is guided by the four cornerstones of change: outcome, sensory acuity, flexibility and action. Areas covered include:

  • The change curve
  • Communication and the use of language and motivation patterns
  • Working with positive outcomes
  • Personal alignment
  • Introduction to coaching and mentoring

In these times of greater accountability, transparency and flexibility, ensure your teams and individuals have the necessary skills for change.

If you would like an initial discussion on the various ways G7 can help in this area, please contact us

Julie is an inspirational facilitator, with real commitment and high drive to make a difference and make change happen. She is gifted at knowing what is going on with people and a caring and compassionate person, coupled with good business skills. 101% recommended.
Peter Kevill , Leadership Development and Executive Coaching