University of the Arts London Case Study

University of the Arts London

University of the Arts London

Scope of Project

  • Contract for the G7 Application Managed Service
  • Expenses implementation
  • Reporting training
  • Enhancements to the QLS UBW student interface
  • Development of new SITS UBW student interface   


Application Managed Service started November 2015

Expenses implementation – January 2017

Reporting training – Feb to April 2017

Student record interfaces – started May 2017 and continues today

The Role of G7

G7 provided the Application Managed Service originally to support the UBW student record interface and then also for general queries.

The University, like many HE sites, have a large number of interfaces into and out of the UBW system. Whilst they can mange the generic interfaces using standard UBW tools, the Student Record Interface from QLS was proving to need an extra level of support and skills to reduce risk. Following an on-site assessment, G7 started supporting this interface for the University, this included making changes to enhance the functionality and resolve issues.

G7 have now started working on the development of a new student record interface from their new student record system, into UBW.

Starting January 2017, G7 helped design and implement the UBW expenses implementation. G7 assisted in the following areas;

  • Prepared Solution Design document
  • Supported assisted build of Expenses solution
  • Provided support during unit testing
  • Provided suggested solutions and options for more complex issues

How did we do?

“We are very happy with the support, and with the arrival of Louisa Lewis, G7 built a dream team. It is nice to talk to people we know, that really understand the system”

Sheena McCartney, Head of Finance Business Systems, University of the Arts London

Dated; 2019

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